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Four Types of Bicycle Motor Kits

It is not surprising that many people are buying motor kits for their bicycles. With the rising gas prices and traffic jams, riding a motorized bicycle will definitely save you time and money.

To start off, riding a motorized bicycle does not require you to have any kind of license. One can also preserve the environment and one’s energy by using a motorized bicycle.

On top of all its benefits, a bicycle can maintain its design while a motor is added. This can be done through the use of a motor kit that is attached to the bicycle frame. These kits can be bought online and comes with installation manuals. The are two kits available online, the electric motor kit and the internal combustion engine kit. When opting for the electric motor kit, it comes with a blend of devices including an electric motor, throttle, charger and battery pack. The internal combustion engine kit comes with an engine, fuel tank, fuel lines and throttle.

There are four types of motor kits, the folding motor device, lightweight motors, super light weight motors and speed motors. Folding motor device caters to folding bikes only.
Bear in mind that the main purpose of a bicycle motor is to increase speed. For starters, the light weight model is an ideal choice. One can shift from the light weight motor to super light weight motor if one becomes completely confident in balancing and controlling the bike.

If you’re thinking about buying a speed motor, you must make sure that it is suitable with your bike. Speed motors were designed to only be used on racing bikes and cannot be added to other models.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Motorized Bicycle

Simply defined, a motorized bicycle is an actual bicycle that has an attached motor which is responsible for the pedaling. Some motorized bicycles utilize inner combustion engines while others make use of electric motors. They are uncommon on the roadways of Western countries but are present in Asian countries like China where the majority of the population uses them. Generally, most motorized bicycles make use of an inner combustion engine, wherein gas is required to drive the momentum of the wheels.

When choosing a motorized bicycle, several factors need to be considered. The first is the distance that the bike needs to travel, electric bicycles have their limitations. The second is the terrain that the bike will be travelling on. There are motorized bicycles that are well-matched in giving power boosts in mountainous regions. Gas tank sizes and battery capabilities are two other factors that need to be considered.

One can also convert a standard bike into a motorized one. A kit can be bought to add an engine. Various kits can appear in various finishes, types, and prices. Conversion kits for both internal ignition and electric motors are available. These may cost a few hundred dollars and are designed to permit anyone who has basic knowledge on bicycle maintenance to be able to use them.

Consulting a reputable bicycle store will be helpful. Aside from getting advice to familiarizing yourself with the features of the conversion kits, they also can give advice on other important factors that need to be considered in choosing the best motorized bicycle for a specific need.

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