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Advantages of a Bicycle Engine

The motorized bicycle was invented by Eric Lee Gottlieb Daimler in 1886. Daimler added a Württemberg high speed internal combustion engine to a bicycle and created the first motorized bicycle. Today, its benefits are widely enjoyed and cherished by many.

Generally, a bicycle engine is affordable. It costs between $200-$1,000. They can run 75-150 miles per gallon on gas. One can get a workout in riding easy roads; the engine also assists a driver in riding hills and providing added boosts when needed. In most states, motorized bicycles are considered legal even without a license.
They can also accelerate to 30 miles per hour or more with the support of pedaling. In addition to this, they can also limit the speed of the engine if the rider has safety concerns.

There are several factors that contribute to the increased use of bicycle engines nowadays. Firstly, people are becoming more concerned about the environment. With the use of bicycle engines, pollution can be largely reduced. Secondly, using a bicycle engine is a lot cheaper as opposed to using other forms of transportation. Thirdly, there is a wide selection of bicycle engine kits to choose from. One can freely choose a specific engine kit for a particular need and preference.

Furthermore, with the uprising of technology, the internet is becoming an ideal venue revealing a wide array of bicycle engines. Bicycle engines become more accessible to people resulting in an increased number of users.

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Four Types of Bicycle Motor Kits

It is not surprising that many people are buying motor kits for their bicycles. With the rising gas prices and traffic jams, riding a motorized bicycle will definitely save you time and money.

To start off, riding a motorized bicycle does not require you to have any kind of license. One can also preserve the environment and one’s energy by using a motorized bicycle.

On top of all its benefits, a bicycle can maintain its design while a motor is added. This can be done through the use of a motor kit that is attached to the bicycle frame. These kits can be bought online and comes with installation manuals. The are two kits available online, the electric motor kit and the internal combustion engine kit. When opting for the electric motor kit, it comes with a blend of devices including an electric motor, throttle, charger and battery pack. The internal combustion engine kit comes with an engine, fuel tank, fuel lines and throttle.

There are four types of motor kits, the folding motor device, lightweight motors, super light weight motors and speed motors. Folding motor device caters to folding bikes only.
Bear in mind that the main purpose of a bicycle motor is to increase speed. For starters, the light weight model is an ideal choice. One can shift from the light weight motor to super light weight motor if one becomes completely confident in balancing and controlling the bike.

If you’re thinking about buying a speed motor, you must make sure that it is suitable with your bike. Speed motors were designed to only be used on racing bikes and cannot be added to other models.