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Hi everyone! I'm Stanley Wu. Yes, the future has finally arrived for motorized bicycles! With the skyrocketing gas prices, people everywhere are looking for better ways to save money and at the same time they would like to find exciting new ways to exercise more. Investing in a motorized bike is truly a life-changing decision because it stimulates us to live healthier and also recognize the environmental impact that our modes of transport have on the outside world we live in. I hope you enjoy my site and please contact me if you have any questions!

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  • christian:

    hi, i am wondering how you connected the clutch wire to the piece next to the engine. Did you tie it to the piece or how did you do it? (talking about the motorized bicycle i saw a picture of)

  • Sarat Devara:

    I want a bicycle which runs on battery or gas. Do let me know the cost in Indian rupees.

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